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Hi! If anyone remembers me, I'm Tom. I used to own and manage the old ECCA forums, before they moved to bmwforums.com.au

I ended up just not getting time to maintain them anymore and moved them onto members who were more available to run the site. Through some unfortunate events, the forums got lost, so I decided (and maybe with some help if you want to help me maintain the site) to start the forums up again, but from a clean sheet. All the old forum information was lost, so we get a chance to start again.

I still have my garage, i'll post up pics and threads as I progress. The race car is still around, and I have the V10 sitting waiting to be installed, I just have to decide on which gearbox to go with it. Either a Manual from the M5 it came with, or the E92 M3 gearbox will also mate up. There is a third option of the DCT box from the E92, but there is a thread going on where people are looking into it.

I'll post pics in my Media area for people to check out :)