Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain supports world record-setting 24-hour ride

Melbourne – Endurance cyclist Dr Mitch Anderson set a new world record outdoor distance for 24 hours on a bike, shadowed every inch of the way by a Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain containing support staff and equipment that set a landmark of its own.

On a closed 3.25 km road loop at the Australian Automotive Research Centre in Wensleydale, Victoria, over the Easter weekend, Anderson set a new outdoor world mark for 24 hours in the saddle of 894.35 kilometres, beating the previous world record distance by four kilometres.
Anderson, a former professional ironman triathlete who already held the cycling outdoor world record for 12 hours, added the 24-hour record to his resume by averaging just over 37km/h for the 24-hour period.

Enabling key logistical, nutrition and moral support for Anderson’s world record bid was the Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain, which carried a crew of four as well as a spare bike supplied by event banner sponsor Giant Bicycles Australia. Mercedes-Benz also provided a second vehicle to support the world record attempt, a GLC 250 that was used by event officials and photographers.
“A champion effort requires a champion team and partnering with Mercedes-Benz helped me to achieve a world record,” says Dr Mitch Anderson.

“I demand reliability and quality in my bikes and equipment from Giant and Shimano, and the support vehicles supplied by Mercedes-Benz also delivered to this high expectation.”
Less dramatic than Anderson’s achievement but still noteworthy was an unexpected milestone achieved by the E-Class All-Terrain. Starting with a full tank of fuel, the 2.0-litre turbo diesel-powered wagon shadowed Anderson for the entire 894km journey. It finished the 24-hour drive with the onboard computer showing an indicative 619km of range still available. That adds up to an impressive theoretical range of greater than 1500km on a single tank of fuel.
The Ultra Marathon Cycling Association is expected to shortly certify the new 24 hour world record.

It is the second time that Mercedes-Benz has performed an integral role in a cycling world record, having also provided vehicular support for Anderson’s 12-hour world record one year prior.


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